Welcome to Dr. Chanderbhan’s Resources page. I’ll post apps, books, websites, and other tools that I think can help you build a contented life with positive, fulfilling relationships. The content listed here is based on resources that clients have found helpful. My hope is that people both in the Laredo, Texas community and outside of it will find these resources beneficial. These resources are not a substitute for professional assistance and should not be viewed as professional advice.


Stop Walking on Egg Shells

This is an excellent book for anyone who has a parent, spouse or other loved one who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and is struggling to understand their loved one’s behavior.

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Articles and Blog posts

You Are Stronger Than You (and Your Therapist) Think

Michael I. Bennet, M.D.

This article from the Couch series in the New York Times offers a fresh perspective on the resilience of therapy patients. READ MORE

Trauma Needs A Witness

Alison Carper, Ph.D.

This article from the Couch series in the New York Times paints a vivid portrait of the enduring impact of trauma. READ MORE

Websites and Apps

Mood tracking app: Imood journal

This simple, free app lets you track your mood, take brief notes, and shows a graphed history of your tracking. Available on the App Store and Google play

Why Therapy? What are the Benefits and How Does It Work?

 You have mental and emotional needs. You’re not alone in that. Nor are you alone in your need to have someone recognize …

Want Your Life Back? 5 Ways Depression Therapy Can Make it Happen

Depression can feel like a trap. Solitary and confining. Lonely and limited. The boundaries of your life are shrunken. The …