Individual Therapy

Are you struggling with stress, sadness, and anxiety? Feeling disconnected? Do you want to experience relief from your struggles and live with contentment and peace?

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Depression Therapy

Do you feel sad and lonely? Do you struggle to get out of bed each day? Perhaps you find that you don’t enjoy anything anymore. Do you want to reclaim your life?

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Trauma therapy

Do you feel that the aftershocks of a trauma have taken over all aspects of your life?  Do you desperately want to move on from what happened and reclaim your life?

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Teen counseling

Does your teen seem angry or distant? Do you want to help your teen develop increased self-awareness and find more effective ways to navigate life goals, relationships with friends and family, and dating?

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Why Therapy? What are the Benefits and How Does It Work?

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Want Your Life Back? 5 Ways Depression Therapy Can Make it Happen

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