Meet Dr. Chanderbhan

So many people struggle with depression, stress, worry, self-worth, and feeling disconnected in their relationships. I believe that therapy is a gift. Therapy allows you to, with the help of a competent, caring professional, explore your thoughts and feelings in a way that you don’t have the chance to in other parts of your life. My clients tell me that therapy helps them learn new skills but that what they find even more valuable is that it helps them learn new ways of understanding themselves and themselves in relation to others. I believe it’s important to tailor therapy to each client’s unique needs. Three qualities distinguish me as a psychologist:

  • Dedication to my clients: Throughout our work together, no matter how difficult the journey is, I stay committed. I provide compassionate guidance and support as you work toward meeting your life goals.
  • Passion for my work: I became a psychologist because I’m passionate about helping people navigate the struggles that threaten their happiness and well being.
  • Quality of care that I provide: I’m dedicated to staying abreast of research on the newest and most effective treatments and interventions in the field of psychology.

A psychologist with a diverse background…

Early life experiences shaped my passion for psychology. I was born and raised in Guyana, a former British colony that is culturally part of the Caribbean. My country suffered a lot of political and economic instability and this impacted my family. I moved to Canada when I was young and had to learn to adjust to a whole new culture. This experience of migration and watching my family start over taught me how resilient people can be – how it is possible to come through the fire and create a new life.

In addition to my migration during childhood and transition to the U.S. as a young adult, I’ve also lived and worked in diverse cities in the U.S., including New York City, New York, Tampa, Florida, and Houston, Texas. My work in different countries and settings has given me the unique ability to connect to a variety of people.  Whether I’m working with people in Laredo or Houston, I have a significant appreciation for each individual’s uniqueness, while also seeing the common experiences that connect us all. My clients tell me that they feel understood, heard, and valued, throughout our work together. They tell me that I combine directness with caring.

How I view therapy…

I believe that the goal of therapy, ultimately, is to make my services obsolete. In the short-term, I use practical solutions and tools like mindfulness meditation to help you build the skills you need to make concrete changes in your life and experience relief. In the long-term, I provide a safe, confidential space as you work through your struggles. If you’re willing to put in the work, change can happen; it is possible to gain relief from your struggles.

My practice is based largely around using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which the National Mental Health Institute (NIMH) notes to be proven by research as effective treatment for a variety of mental health issues, that individuals often face (e.g., anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, and trauma). CBT focuses on helping you understand how your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors interact to produce distress.

License: Psychologist (TX#36142)

Country of Origin: Guyana, South America

Place of Practice: Laredo, TX

Experience: >10 years

Degree: Ph.D.

Institution granting degree: University of South Florida

Professional Affiliations:

Adjunct Instructor in the Psychology and Communication department, Texas A & M International University (TAMIU – View Profile)

Adjunct instructor in Dept. of Psychological Health & Learning Sciences, University of Houston

Independent psychology practice

Member of American Psychological Association (APA)

Speakers Bureau, Texas Psychological Association

Member of Texas Psychological Association

In my personal time, I enjoy time with family and friends, cooking, staying active, and reading. I also have a strong appreciation for Indian classical dance.

Therapy can provide relief from emotional distress through developing a greater understanding of thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and interaction patterns. If you’re seeking increased contentment, increased clarity about life choices, and healthier relationships, I invite you to call me to discuss your specific needs or with any questions that you have about my practice.

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