Family Therapy

Feeling stressed or dissatisfied with your family?

If you’re reading this, you may have reached a point where you feel as if your family is in crisis or chaos. You may feel stress out and disillusioned with how things are going in your family. After all, what other groups of people influence each other as powerfully, whether positively or painfully as our families?

How do you make the changes that you seek?

The first step: You let someone in.

Family Therapy Can Help You Find Relief

Family therapy can help parents manage difficult teenagers. It’s not uncommon for both teens and their parents to face challenges as they navigate the transition from childhood to the teen years. Many parents struggle with managing their teen’s need for independence, as well as with how to adjust their parenting strategies to set appropriate boundaries and guide their child through a different stage of development. Family therapy can help both you and your teen navigate a challenging and uncertain time.

Family therapy can also help families deal with change and its impact on two or more family members. You may find your family needs time to prepare or recover from a major life change like divorce, illness, death or trauma. You may need help communicating well or finding ways to live together peacefully. Family therapy may be a productive means of gathering for intentional interaction and professional direction.

Family therapy teaches tools for a productive, compassionate exchange of ideas that encourages proactive resolution, personal responsibility, and general respect for the family unit. Family therapy is a viable way to manage resentments stemming from unresolved issues between partners, disputes between parents and children, sibling rivalry, and problematic boundary issues with extended family.

How Does Family Therapy Help?

Generally, family therapy is less focused on the problems of a “problem child”, “black sheep,” or some other uncooperative member. Instead, it works at uncovering

unproductive interaction and ineffective communication patterns that may contribute to a member’s bad behavior or an unhappy home environment.

Family Therapy can help you be a more healthy, resilient family

Family members examine how they contribute to family problems. And in time, they start to realize how important they are in the healing process. Understanding how to connect meaningfully will serve your family time and time again. Over time you’ll practice the skills that support, comfort, and encourage those closest to you.


What Clients Say

Clients who have undergone family therapy talk about understanding each other in new ways and realizing each other’s value to the family. Family sessions explore how important we are to each other. The well-being, goals, and expectations of each member are interrelated. Furthermore, time spent hearing each other out intentionally and purposefully helps you recognize how integral you are to each other’s inner peace and family harmony. As a team, you can start to value and protect that harmony.

Although you may be ready to seek help, you still may have questions or concerns about family therapy…


  • Q. I think that I need help, but I’m concerned about the cost of family therapy and the time commitment.

The simple truth is that if you family is struggling, you can’t afford not to engage in therapy; therapy is an investment in your family. If you or your family members recognize a need for help, don’t hesitate to make time for therapy. Commit to enhancing your family’s communication, coping abilities, and connection. The bonds you build are worth the time.

  • Q. It’s against our values to open up to a stranger about problems in our family…

Often, people are afraid to try family therapy. Clients have said that they were nervous about sharing the struggles of their family with a stranger, fearing that they will be judged. Clients who have undergone therapy report that it was hard to go against beliefs about sharing family struggles. However, they also report that they were surprised how comfortable they were at the first session and how easy it was to open up and share about their difficulties. They also expressed what a relief it was to acknowledge their struggles, discover that their problems are shared by many families, and that there is hope.

Help and Hope Are Possible

We all want a life where we feel productive, successful, and enjoy our relationships. Take the first step toward claiming the life that you want. Call or click here to schedule an appointment.

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