Couples Therapy


Feeling Discontented in your Marriage or Romantic Relationship?

If you’re reading this, you may have reached a point in your relationship, as many people do, where you feel stressed, dissatisfied, and stuck. You may notice that:

  • Communication, sharing, or interaction has dwindled or become problematic
  • You and your partner live like roommates instead of romantic partners
  • Conflicts remain unresolved and extremely frustrating
  • You feel perpetually misunderstood
  • You miss the connection you had in the early period of your life together
  • Fun and humor have become rare occurrences
  • Unkindness, disrespect, and sarcasm are coming between you
  • Distrust and insecurity mark your relationship
  • Your parenting styles are a source of further disagreement
  • Infidelity has done serious relationship damage

We all want a fulfilling, relationship where we feel safe, loved and that we can share and gain support for our challenges and struggles

How do you and your partner make the changes that you seek?

  • The first step: You let someone in.

Couples Therapy Can Help You Find Relief

When you choose couple’s therapy, you’re taking the first step towards changing things for the better in your relationship. You’re letting a supportive, knowledgeable, encouraging, curious professional really listen to you and work with you and for you.

Couples therapy provides vital support when you feel stuck or that there’s no hope of things changing. Couple’s therapy can shorten periods of discord so that you don’t suffer dissatisfaction and disconnect for too long.

For couples of all backgrounds and commitment levels, couples therapy has been a love lifeline in times of crisis, and an opportunity to identify problems before they get out of hand. There are a lot of reasons to schedule time with an experienced therapist.


How Does Couples Therapy Help?

Couples counseling highlights problematic interaction and encourages healthy communication. Restoration through empathy, forgiveness, and cooperation is emphasized. Time is devoted to developing realistic expectations and healthy boundaries. An effort is made to clearly determine parenting goals and family ideals.

You and your partner will strategize about how to deal with your changing needs and the transitions in your life and relationship. Special attention is paid to understanding the feelings that underlie anger, particularly during conflictual interactions, and learning how to speak from these deeper feelings in a way that your partner can understand and respond to you.

Couple’s counseling can help you build a stronger, happier relationship

We will work together to help you communicate through some of your biggest differences and your most significant conflicts. You’ll learn how to move past anger and blame and to share with your partner in a way that promotes them responding in a caring way.


What do Clients Say?

Couples who have undergone therapy report that they were able to strengthen their relationship, deeper their connection with each other, decrease conflict, and learn new and more positive ways of relating to each other. They report increased understanding of where partners are coming from and how to stay connected during difficult conversations.

Although you may be ready to seek help, you still may have questions or concerns about couple’s therapy…


  • Q. I think that we need help, but I’m concerned about the cost of couple’s therapy and the time commitment.

The simple truth is that you can’t afford not to engage in couple’s therapy. Your relationship is a vital part of your life. Couple’s therapy can help you keep love and respect paramount in your conversations. It’s a first step toward securing a stronger foundation for your relationship. Either way, counseling provides vital time and tools that will serve you well for the life of your relationship.


  • Q. I’m nervous about couple’s counseling…will the therapist blame me for our problems?

Often, people are afraid to try couples therapy. They’re nervous that they will be shamed and blamed for the issues that they bring to therapy. It’s important to understand that in couple’s therapy, no one is the “bad guy”. The relationship is the client and the job of your therapist is to work with you to help bring renewal and positive change to this relationship. This involves looking at the way both partners contribute to problematic patterns and what both partners can do to change things in the relationship.

Help and Hope Are Possible

We all want relationships where we feel, loved, accepted, secure, and supported. Take the first step toward claiming the relationship that that you want. Call or click here to schedule an appointment.

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