Teen counseling

Teenage Counselling In Laredo

Are You Worried About Your Teenager’s Emotional, Social or Academic Wellbeing?

  • Does your teen seem angry or distant?
  • Do you worry about the friends your teen is spending time with? Is your teen struggling with grades or behavioral problems at school?
  • Have you noticed your teen withdrawing and no longer engaging in activities he or she once enjoyed? Are you constantly arguing with your teen?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you don’t know your teen anymore?
  • Do you wish you knew how to better understand and communicate with your teen so you could help him or her make better decisions and feel successful and happy?

The teenage years are a time of exploration when teens typically challenge societal and parental boundaries and values. Teens also often struggle to understand their emotions and establish their own values and personal boundaries. They may feel misunderstood by adults, parents and even their peers. Many adolescents struggle with self-esteem, finding their identity and conflicts with peers and within their families. And, sometimes adolescents struggle with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Parents are often, frustrated, confused and unsure how to deal with the teen years.

Parents often feel that teens are being disrespectful or are always moody. They may also feel rejected or shut out as their teen undergoes his or her exploration into self. It can be hard to manage a teenager. And, parents constantly wonder: How much independence do I give my teen? How do I protect him or her? Sometimes parents impose too much control over teens or, withdraw too much, resulting in teens experiencing feelings of abandonment. It’s not uncommon for parents to struggle to find the right balance. Like many other parents, you may be having a hard time determining if your teen is experiencing a mental health issue or if their irritable, isolating or rebellious behavior is just part of typical teenage angst.

Adolescence Can Be A Difficult And Confusing Experience

  • Teens struggle with identity, dating and relationships, friendships, goal setting and figuring out where they fit in the world.

It’s not uncommon for both teens and their parents to face challenges as they navigate the transition from childhood to the teen years. Parents often discover that they cannot parent the same way as they did when their teenager was a child. Many parents struggle with managing their teen’s need for independence, as well as with how to adjust their parenting strategies to set appropriate boundaries and guide their child through a different stage of development. Many of these struggles are not uncommon, and therapy can help both you and your teen navigate a challenging and uncertain time.

Teen Counseling Can Provide You And Your Teen With Insight, Support And Guidance

Teen counseling can support your teen as he or she faces the difficult issues of adolescence. Teen counseling provides a safe space for your teen to gain clarity about his or her identity, goals and relationships as he or she prepares to transition into the outside world. Teen counseling can also help you and your family navigate the adolescent years and provide you with strategies to help you improve communication with your teen and learn ways to avoid and manage conflict.

Teen Counselor In Laredo

How Does Teen Counseling Help?

In teen counseling sessions, I create a safe, caring environment where your teen can communicate openly about confusing and/or painful thoughts and feelings. My work with your teen would likely begin with us building a collaborative relationship and creating a safe space where he or she can speak openly about concerns.

Your teen will have the opportunity to examine relationships with family and friends, as well as learn more about who he or she is and wants to be in the world. We can work on healthy ways to manage stress – both academic and social – achieving clarity about wants and needs, life goals, healthy vs. unhealthy coping mechanisms, healthy relationships, and setting and achieving educational and career goals.

I will also collaborate with you to help improve communication and understanding between you and your teen. The methods I use promote lasting change in a time-efficient manner. I understand that your family is busy and that you don’t want to spend years in therapy. My focus, then, is on maximizing our time together so that we make the most change in the least amount of time.

Your teen can experience more clarity about emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, leading to better choices

With help, your teen can experience more clarity about his or her thoughts, emotions and behaviors. He or she can develop an increased self-awareness and find more effective ways to navigate life goals, relationships with friends and family, and dating. Through therapy, it is also possible for your teen to set and achieve goals, make healthier choices and live a more balanced and empowering life, which can set the stage for future success.

As a parent, you, too, can feel supported and more empowered as you learn and implement new, effective strategies to communicate and connect with your teen. With the right therapist and approach, balance can be restored at home and at school, providing relief for everyone.

Teenage Anxiety Counselling

Although you may be ready to seek help, you still may have questions or concerns about teen counseling…

  • Q. I think that we need help, but I’m concerned about the cost of teen counseling and the time it will take.

If your teen is experiencing difficulty, it’s important to seek help early. Research shows that early intervention for mental health issues or family conflict leads to the most effective results. The teen years don’t have to be difficult and full of conflict. With help, it is possible for your teen and your family to successfully navigate the teen years – which can be priceless. Also, you don’t have to be in therapy forever. I am respectful of your time and I can help you and your teen set manageable, achievable goals.

  • Q. I don’t think my teen will come to therapy.

Many teens recoil at the idea of therapy, however, if you are concerned about your teen, it’s imperative that you assume your parental role and tell your teen that help is necessary. At the same time, it’s important that your teen has a voice in selecting the therapist. Try narrowing therapist choices down to 2 or 3 and empower your teen to choose. Also, while teens are often reluctant to come to therapy, an effective teen therapist knows how to connect with teens and address their reservations about therapy. I have worked with many adolescents and have the ability to quickly connect with teens and build a strong, trusting therapeutic relationship, which is the key to making progress.

  • Q. Isn’t therapy for teens with serious problems?

Teen counseling can be helpful for teens struggling with a variety of issues, like conflicts with parents, difficulties in school or with friendships. Often, parents second-guess themselves when they’re considering teen counseling. However, if you’re reading this, your parental instincts are telling you that you may need some extra help. I invite you about teen counseling as a space for your teen and your family to get an outside, experienced, knowledgeable perspective on your difficulties.

Help and Hope are Possible

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